2014 (ongoing)

C-print on paper,

aluminium poster frames.

100 x 100 cm (each print)

Knaggi collaboration with Andreas Knag-Danielsen


#knaggi is a collection of images which have been uploaded to instagram using the "hashtag" knaggi. A hashtag is utilized by instagram users to organize and bind searches to keywords, which are user-generated. The repetition of images is based on how many "likes" by other instagram users. Each user clicking "like" will result in the repetition of the image in the archive.

After we have created a keyword the work takes on a  life of its own, as becomes a method of archiving images which have that certain keyword. As we, the artist duo, are the primary users of the hashtag, anything to do with our combined work and personal lives, to a certain extent, has then been added to the piece, as well as a few outside experiences.

This method combines both the automatic generation of content, our personal spheres, digital personas and archival methods which are done by hand.

The process contains random elements, as it is, mostly a collection of snapshots of various things, such as our studio, our homes, and other mundane things, which as a whole form a complex mosaic of us and our surroundings as we carry on through our work and everyday lives.


Photos from "RANDOM",

group show at SIM gallery,

Reykjavik, Iceland,

29-30 October 2014.